Bob Bachman

SVP Medical Solutions

Bob Bachman, SVP Medical Solutions of Advanced Mobility by Kentucky Trailer, started his career in mobile specialty vehicles at the Calumet Coach Company in the early 1980’s. Calumet developed the capability to manufacture mobile trailers for CT and MRI systems. Starting on the manufacturing floor, and moving into leadership roles, Bob became a customer service representative throughout the US and Europe.

Bob’s Background

In the early 1990’s Bob joined MICA (Medical Imaging Centers of America) as Operations Manager. MICA manufactured and operated mobile units and modular buildings housing MRI systems but shifted focus away from manufacturing. Bob used the opportunity to start AK Associates, Inc. as President, to complete the projects that MICA had in process and provide additional vehicle upgrade and refurbishment services. In 1997, Bob sold 75% of AK Associates to Prime Medical Services Inc., the largest urology services provider in the US.

In 2001, AK Specialty Vehicles (AKSV) acquired the assets of Calumet Coach Company. Through various acquisitions including the 2003 acquisition of AMP Systems of Riverside, California, AKSV became the leader in the specialty vehicle market, adding military, broadcast and exhibit/display specialty vehicles.

Bob retired in 2005 with the acquisition of AKSV by Oshkosh Corporation and came out of retirement to start Advanced Mobility in November of 2006.
In October 2014, Advanced Mobility was acquired by Kentucky Trailer to strengthen their market leadership position in mobile medical imaging specialty vehicles.
During his free time Bob enjoys summers on the lake, coaching his son’s soccer teams, and traveling with his family.