Our organizations, AMST (formerly known as Advanced Mobility) and SMIT, manufacture and support more certified mobile medical imaging units than all of our competitors combined.

We are Focused on Safety

Our motto is simple: Safety First & Always, Without a Close Second Priority.

Our Customers Have Made Us the Market Leader

Since 2015, AMST (formerly Advanced Mobility) and SMIT, established in 1750, have been awarded more than 275 new mobile medical imaging trailer builds, performed over 195 full imaging trailer reconditioning projects and completed more than 140 certified mobile imaging system upgrades. The medical imaging coaches we design and build include both chassis based and self-propelled models.

We are Committed to the Mobile Medical Imaging Market

Some of our competitor’s boast about large numbers of units built. The reality is, most of their units were simple, lower end products like ambulances, bloodmobiles and mobile medical offices. We “stay in our lane” when it comes to mobile medical imaging trailers. We focus our energy on engineering and building the most cost effective, durable trailers for mobile MRI, mobile CT, mobile PET/CT, and mobile mammography. We partner with and are certified by the most technologically advanced imaging OEM companies in the world: Canon, GE Healthcare, Hologic, Phillips, Siemens Healthineers, and United Imaging.

We Believe Innovation Matters

When the market needed the ability to permanently place an oversized trailer at a hospital or imaging facility, AMST delivered. Our “Transportable” medical imaging unit acts as a bridge between true mobile medical trailers and modular medical buildings / fixed sites. AMST’s innovative Transportable delivers unmatched functionality with significantly lower regulatory complexity at lower cost in less time.

We are committed to the mobile diagnostic imaging market

AMST-SMIT holds a corporate structure with Berkshire Hathaway through the Marmon Heavy-Duty Transporation Group and Kentucky Trailer, providing permanent capital, financial stability, and a long term investment horizon. Our entrepreneurial, quasi-autonomous operating structure allows managers closest to customers to run the business, meaning we stay consistently focused on providing the product our clients really need.

AMST-SMIT is forward-thinking and agile, with the construction of our new facility opened in 2020, we are dedicated to meeting the needs of our growing diagnostic imaging vehicle production, refurbishment, service, and storage.

We are focused on quality and customer service

AMST-SMIT migrated to ISO 9001/2015 in 2018 to continue our customer-first initiative. See certificate here for AMST and here for SMIT AQAP and SMIT ISO.

We believe that quality is everyone’s responsibility, and we know that “what we make matters.” That’s why we uphold an In-process checklist for each and every unit, from initial production to final inspection.

We’ve additionally implemented Field Service, beginning in Q2 2019, to improve communication between our service team and customers. We even back up our commitment to quality with an extended warranty and service option.

We are focused on total cost of ownership

AMST-SMIT features expanded capacity to meet or exceed the delivery expectations of our customers. Contact us for your next Mobile MRI, Mobile CT, Mobile PET/CT, or Transportable MRI.

View our facility in the video below