Alliance-HNI awarded their contract to Siemens Healthcare for the Biograph™ TruePoint™ PET-CT system contingent on Advanced Mobility completing the process of validation by Siemens as an approved manufacturer of the PET-CT trailer.

“We have had a long-standing relationship with Advanced Mobility. We are very comfortable working with them, knowing value and reliability their trailers have brought to our fleet of mobile imaging trailers. Their quality workmanship, dedication and expertise made the design and production of this PET-CT trailer a smooth process from every aspect,” said Gregg Hedegore, President, Alliance-HNI. “The Siemens Biograph™ TruePoint™ PET-CT is a high-powered medical imaging platform with a whole new set of requirements to ensure its reliability and durability, allowing the PET-CT system to be transported and function safely inside a trailer.

The proposal process commenced in March of 2014. By April, the bid was awarded and Advanced Mobility had the new chassis delivered to start the new build.

“This is the first new-build Siemens Biograph™ TruePoint™ PET-CT for Advanced Mobility. They were able take the system requirements and turn them into a high-quality, mobile specification that has resulted in a first-class mobile image unit for Alliance-HNI,” said David Jolly, Siemens Healthcare Sales Manager at Delta Medical. “We look forward to working with Advanced Mobility again, and excited to see a showcase Siemens Biograph™ TruePoint™ PET-CT trailer delivered to Alliance-HNI as promised.”

Advanced Mobility worked closely with Siemens to accommodate the specifications, beginning with the chassis, building the trailer exterior walls, the interior design and construction, and installation of the Biograph™ TruePoint™ PET-CT. Rather than being mounted to the front exterior of the trailer and exposed to weather conditions, a specially designed Power Generator was installed inside one of the lower compartments.

“It is truly an honor to be a designated, preferred manufacturer of mobile imaging trailers by Siemens and manufacturing our first Biograph™ TruePoint™ PET-CT Trailer for Alliance-HNI,” said Bob Bachman, President, Advance Mobility and Specialty Vehicles. “We look forward to a long working relationship with Siemens as we expand our manufacturing and markets globally.” The Advanced Mobility team built and delivered the new Siemens Biograph™ TruePoint™ PET-CT Trailer to the Alliance-HNI earlier this month, in a build-time of less than four months.