We make solutions that bring medical care to communities all over the world.


Our organizations, AMST (formerly known as Advanced Mobility) and SMIT, manufacture and support more certified mobile medical imaging units than all of our competitors combined.

We Believe Certification Matters

We believe certified systems support better patient outcomes. AMST in North America and SMIT in Europe specialize in installing OEM certified imaging systems into OEM certified mobile medical trailers that we design, engineer and manufacture. In fact, AMST is the only mobile medical vehicle manufacturer certified by all major imaging OEMs to install their mobile imaging systems into certified mobile medical units. AMST’s OEM certifications can found, viewed and downloaded in OEM Partners section of this website.

Contact us for your mobile CT, mobile MRI, mobile PET/CT, and transportable MRI needs.

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Our Team

Our Customers Have Made Us the Market Leader

Since 2015, AMST has built more than 275 new mobile medical imaging trailers, performed over 195 full reconditioning projects and completed more than 140 certified system upgrades.

We Believe Innovation Matters

When the market needed the ability to permanently place an oversized trailer at a hospital or imaging facility, AMST delivered. Our “Transportable” medical imaging unit acts as a bridge between true mobile medical trailers and modular medical building fixed sites.

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Service Area

We Support

Our organization supports the mobile medical imaging industry by offering outstanding aftermarket support. Click below to learn more about our service organization and our ability to perform preventative maintenance, completely refurbish existing medical coaches and provide parts and service.

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