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Bob Bachman and Larry Sodomire started their careers in the mobile equipment trailer and specialty vehicle business together at the Calumet Coach Company in the early 1980’s. Calumet was a specialty vehicle manufacturer that developed the capability to design and manufacture mobile trailers for medical equipment - first CT, then MRI, then several other types of medical equipment. 


Bob and Larry worked on the manufacturing floor in numerous capacities, gaining real-time knowledge of the manufacturing process. The experience they gained in all aspects of specialty vehicle manufacturing was crucial. As Calumet grew, they were both took on leadership roles in the organization. Larry became second in command leading the manufacturing process, and most importantly, developed his expertise in the installation of medical systems in mobile trailers and vehicles. Bob took on the role as the Customer Service Representative and became the interface between customers and Calumet, after the delivery of their products. This role quickly grew as Calumet’s production capacity grew to 100+ units per year with deliveries throughout the US and Europe. 


In early 1991, Larry joined MICA (Medical Imaging Centers of America) as an Operations Manager. MICA manufactured and operated both mobile units and modular buildings that housed MRI systems. Soon after, Bob joined Larry and later that year, MICA shifted away from being a manufacturer and concentrated on their core diagnostic imaging business. Bob and Larry used the opportunity to start AK Associates Inc. to complete the projects that MICA had in process and provide additional vehicle upgrade and refurbishment services. 


GE Medical Systems awarded AK Associates a contract for the installation and upgrade of fixed site Magnetic Resonance Imaging Systems. And in 1996, AK Associates moved into a 30,000 square foot manufacturing building in Mokena, Illinois. 


AK Associates provided mobile medical refurbishment services as well and installed fixed site medical equipment throughout the world. In 1997, they sold 75% of the company to Prime Medical Services Inc., the largest urology services provider in the US. (Prime Medical is traded on the NASDAQ under the stocker symbol PMSI.) As an AK customer, Prime Medical was already a familiar partner. That transaction brought a financially strong, publicly-held investor and supported rapid growth.


In 2001, after acquiring the assets of Calumet Coach Company, the name was changed to AK Specialty Vehicles (AKSV), becoming the largest mobile medical manufacturer. By mid-2002, Bob Bachman was President of AKSV. Larry Sodomire was Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. The mobile medical business grew both organically and through key acquisitions, expanding AKSV from a small refurb and service facility to the largest supplier of mobile medical vehicles in the world. In 2002, AKSV acquired Frontline Communications Corp. to form one of the largest mobile television broadcast communications companies. In 2003, AKSV acquired AMP Systems of Riverside, California. This expanded capability of producing trailers featuring large slide-outs for the communications, military and the exhibit/display markets coupled with a dominant position in broadcast and other specialty vehicles pushed AKSV to a leadership position in the high-end, mobile medical and specialty vehicle market. 


AK Specialty Vehicles is acquired by Oshkosh Corporation to form the subsidiary Oshkosh Specialty Vehicles.


After leaving Oshkosh Specialty Vehicles in 2005 and a short-lived retirement, Larry Sodomire and Bob Bachman started Advanced Mobility in November of 2006. Their experience and knowledge of the mobile medical and television broadcast industries, and the mobile equipment trailers and specialty vehicles business provides the strong foundation on which they continue building their reputation and Advanced Mobility by providing the highest quality products and services available around the world.

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