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Mobilizing Your Mission!
Siemens Biograph 16 TruePoint PET-CT Trailer

Advanced Mobility's first new-build Siemens Biograph™ 16 TruePoint™ PET-CT Trailer for Alliance-HNI.

First GE Discovery IQ PET/CT Trailer

First-of-its-kind, new build mobile Discovery IQ PET/CT for GE Healthcare.

New Euro-Spec Philips Ingenia 1.5T MRI Trailer

Advanced Mobility just shipped a new Philips Ingenia 1.5T MRI Trailer that meets all European road, design and technical specifications to Mor-Mar Ltd., of Israel.

Conversion to a Philips PET/CT Trailer

Advanced Mobility is an approved vendor by Philips to work on medical trailer conversions like this Philips PET/CT Trailer for DMS Health Technologies.

Total Rebuild of a 48' Trailer and Truck Unit

Specialty Vehicles for Babcock and Wilcox Nuclear Energy, Inc.

Custom Dual Slide-Out and Bullet Resistant!

Custom designed and built a dual slide-out and bullet-resistant banking trailer for one of the largest operators of auto races in the US. This trailer was the first of its kind in the industry!

Trio Video Trailers

Advanced Mobility has had several opportunities to help keep the Trio Video Tango and Phoenix trailers on the road!

First Philips Ingenia 1.5T MRI Trailer Shipped

Advanced Mobility has completed the first new-build Philips Ingenia 1.5T MRI Trailer in North America.

New Philips Mobile MRI Arrives at VIHA

Advanced Mobility delivered the new mobile Philips Ingenia 1.5T MRI to the Vancouver Island Health Authority in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in less than four months.

Refurb of a GE PET/CT Trailer

Advanced Mobility refurbished and upgraded this trailer to a GE PET/CT trailer for neo-pet PET/CT Imaging Services.

New Philips Gemini TF PET/CT Trailer for DMS

Complete New Build Trailer for DMS Health Technologies for a Philips Gemini TF PET/CT.

Completely Gutted and Rebuilt Chippewa

Quick turn-around for Token Creek minimized Chippewa's downtime.

Refurbishment of a Philips Achieva MRI Trailer

Imaging Trailer for a Philips Achieva MRI.

New Build 48' Mobile R&D and Testing Unit

New 8' x 48' trailer built for beamed mm-wave proplusion research and as a mobile Test Command Center for Lightcraft Technologies.


Advanced Mobility designs and builds high-quality, innovative mobile equipment trailers and specialty vehicles for the healthcare, television production, and banking industries, and for special events and sports events around the world. With over 20 years of design and production experience, we are here to Mobilize Your Mission.

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Kentucky Trailer Announces Acquisition of Select Bussman Medical & Research Assets

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- November 16, 2016 -- Kentucky Trailer, a leading manufacturer of custom trailers, truck bodies and mobilized workplace solutions, announced today the company’s acquisition of select Bussman Medical & Research (Bussman) assets. Based in the Netherlands, Bussman specializes in the design and construction of modular solutions for the healthcare industry with products that include standard and hybrid operating theatres, endoscopy units, dialysis units, maternity suites, pharmacies and more. 

Alleghany Capital Corporation Announces Acquisition by Kentucky Trailer

NEW YORK, Oct. 6, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Alleghany Capital Corporation ("Alleghany Capital"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alleghany Corporation, today announced that its subsidiary, R.C. Tway Company, LLC ("Kentucky Trailer"), a leading manufacturer of custom trailers and truck bodies, has acquired Smit Mobile Equipment B.V. ("Smit BV") and Smit Mobile Equipment (UK) Ltd. ("Smit UK" and, together with Smit BV, "Smit").  Based in the Netherlands, Smit BV is an established, global provider of specialty trailers and mobile solutions to the medical sector, including mobile and relocatable magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT), and positron emission tomography–computed tomography (PET/CT) products.  Smit...

Kentucky Trailer Announces Acquisition of Advanced Mobility & Shelter Technologies, LLC. (“Advanced Mobility”) and a Complementary Mobile Medical Field Service…

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – (October 28, 2014) – Kentucky Trailer is pleased to announce Advanced Mobility & Shelter Technologies, LLC (“Advanced Mobility”) and a complementary mobile medical and specialty vehicle field service operation as the newest forces in its diversified set of products and services.  Kentucky Trailer is a leading manufacturer of custom trailers and truck bodies. The acquisitions of these two specialty vehicle, truck, and trailer operations add world-class mobile medical and specialty vehicle field service expertise to its focus on delivering exceptional custom design, build and service solutions.  The company’s leadership is dedicated to assuring customers that service to...

Advanced Mobility Manufactures New Mobile Siemens Biograph™ TruePoint™ PET-CT for Alliance-HNI

Monee, IL- August 26, 2014 – Advanced Mobility and Specialty Vehicles (, a leader in the design and manufacture of mobile medical trailers, is proud to announce today that they have delivered a new Siemens Biograph™ TruePoint™ PET-CT Trailer ( to Alliance-HNI (, headquartered in Owosso, Michigan. Alliance-HNI awarded their contract to Siemens Healthcare for the Biograph™ TruePoint™ PET-CT system contingent on Advanced Mobility completing the process of validation by Siemens as an approved manufacturer of the PET-CT trailer.

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SMIT and Kentucky Trailer

SMIT and Kentucky Trailer

Yesterday, Gerben Smit shared with me some exciting news. His company, SMIT Mobile Equipment, has been acquired by Kentucky Trailer. I consider this a good sign for our industry. Before I tell you why, let me share with you that if you like antique cars, Gerben Smit has one of the most interesting antique car museums I have ever visited.

Kentucky Trailer rolls on with acquisition of SMIT Mobile Equipment

Kentucky Trailer rolls on with acquisition of SMIT Mobile Equipment

Kentucky Trailer announced today the acquisition of SMIT Mobile Equipment Company, a leading European provider of advanced mobile medical trailers and relocatable solutions.   Smit comprises two separate business units: Smit Mobile Medical B.V. in the Netherlands, and Smit Mobile Equipment (UK) Ltd., based in the United Kingdom. By bringing both units, (as "Smit") under the umbrella of Kentucky Trailer, the company hopes to expand its mobile medical footprint with an eye on international markets.

Kentucky Trailer Acquires Advanced Mobility

Kentucky Trailer Acquires Advanced Mobility

Kentucky Trailer, a manufacturer of custom trailers and truck bodies, has acquired Advanced Mobility and a field-service operation, the company announced today. As a result of the acquisition, Kentucky Trailer gains a market-leadership position in mobile medical imaging. Advanced Mobility, which will continue to operate under that name, gains the financial resources and support of Kentucky Trailer and Alleghany Capital.

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